Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Looking ahead

So I know there's another APA.. An allegedly more laid back APA..  and it's supposed to have a few job interviews going on.  Does anyone know when the list of jobs for round 2 comes out?  I take it there is another list we get to look at?  

Whatever I'm going to go get drunk and open some presents.

-- Second Suitor


Anonymous said...

Facing shrinking numbers of attendees, the central APA is trying to position itself as Job Fare round 2. Bad year to retool! It moved from April to February. Mind you, the conference is in Chicago. April is fine, hell it's nice, but February is a nightmare in Chicago. Cold. Cold. Cold. Good lord. I wouldn't go to Chicago in February on my nickle, not even for an interview at CCNY. I suspect that the strategy will backfire and the conference will dry up. Too bad. It's located just blocks from the majestic Bean. . . .

Anonymous said...

For the past three years, the February JFP has been published on the 21st.