Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Comics

It's been an eventful weekend here in terms of the amount of housecleaning posts and some of the more pertinent posts to this time of the year may have got lost in the shuffle. So, don't forget that Second Suitor helpfully posted the 23 interview questions that were compiled last year and that there's a discussion in this thread about changes people are seeing in interviewing practices from last year.

Have a wonderful and quiet Sunday. I hear, from those with past experience, that big things tend to start happening around this time.

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philo said...

Thanks for re-posting those questions. I hope they will come in handy. It's awful quiet over here...

It does help knowing that nothing is likely to happen today with the job market. I plan to work on revising a paper with occasional football breaks.

Anonymous said...

Yes, next week is it. If you haven't heard by Friday, it's very unlikely (though not impossible) that you will get an interview. But you already knew that it was unlikely when you applied for the job. So you really won't learn anything unless you get a call (or an email).

. . .

The APA Eastern is an awful conference. It's by far the worst conference I know of. No one goes to the talks and everyone there is always looking past you to see if there is someone more important that they should be talking to. It's gross. It makes me feel dirty.

The only thing that saved the conference a year or so ago was that some grad students, from a school that I won't name, but is near the nation's capital, brought a bottle of whiskey to the smoker. I hope someone has the same idea this year. Go around and chit chat, but share some spirits afterward.

Anonymous said...

Note to those who edit entries on the job wiki: PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOUR EDITORIAL WORK IS ACCURATE.

I just glanced at the entry for Skidmore under the "Application Acknowledged" section. There were two lines under the school's name: the first listing dates when application confirmations were received; the second read "core search canceled (12/5)".

Alarmed that yet another school had canceled its search, I then realized the second line was left over. Apparently, somebody deleted 'Stanford' from that list (which announced on 12/5 that its core search had been canceled) without deleting all of the information related to Stanford.

Dumb ass.