Thursday, December 18, 2008

I like you, but I'm not *in* like with you

Student papers have slowly been trickling into my inbox. Almost invariably the students mention that they hope I like their paper, as if my liking their paper is the only criterion I use for grading. If it were, I imagine it'd be much easier for me to grade: A's all around! Because if there's anything I like, out of all the awesome stuff I get to do as an instructor, it's reading 25 papers, more or less poorly written, on a topic I chose because I thought their mostly feeble minds wouldn't mess it up too badly.

Perhaps that's too harsh. My students are good people despite their being mostly freshman. Besides, maybe these students are on to something; I do hope I like their papers. That would, sure as shit, make my life for the next few days much more enjoyable.


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