Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hot or Not

I like Texas A&M's plan to shell out boatloads of cash for good teaching evals.. mostly because my evals are usually pretty good.  I guess it also generally seems like a good way help bump up teaching from that time consuming thing we have to do to get paid but that no one seems to get credit for (I know, you've got a teaching award, I'm happy for you... that get you tenure?).  

I got to reading some non-philosophy (though Gladwell's Blink probably isn't quite the mindless drivel that I usually turn to for a break) and in the introduction I find out students who watch 2 seconds of my teaching with the sound turned off will give me the same evals as someone who's taken my course for a semester. 

Don't suppose  we could speed up the process and hand out $10,000 after the students think we look pretty for 2 seconds..

-- Second Suitor

ps I apprecaite STBJD's post.  I don't think I can get that self-reflective until my ears stop ringing from the job market's monster bitch-slap.


Anonymous said...

Don't waste your time with Gladwell. See Posner's review of Blink.

Anonymous said...

malcolm gladwell IS mindless drivel.

Anonymous said...

True though, about the evals with the sound off:

Prof J said...

Speaking of hotness, check out The Monkey Cage.