Monday, January 5, 2009

No rest for the weary

No interviews?  Interviews didn't go so well?  Time to focus.   The best way to make next year go better (besides praying to the economy gods) is to snag a publication or two.   To get something in-press in time we need to submit something in the next twoish months.  

By far the most helpful advice I've come across is Thom Brook's piece on publishing.  It's well worth the download.  Need to figure out where to publish? He also comments on one list of journal rankings (In the year of the gourmet don't we have to get a little excited  about rankings?). If you're not over philosophy wikis after the past few weeks there's always the philosophy journal wiki.  

-- Second Suitor


The Brooks Blog said...

This is very kind of you -- glad to know my piece is helpful!

Aidan said...

I've been collecting links to advice to postgraduates on publishing and journals for a while now. There's also links provided to every useful webpage I know of providing job market advice. The page is here.

Mr. Zero said...

Thanks for the links, SS. (And Aidan--that's some complete list you've got there.) Some of them are new to me; some of them I've been using for a while. I can also attest to the usefulness of Thom Brooks's piece.

I find that the most therapeutic way of dealing with the failures of one year is to do whatever you can to keep it from happening again next year. For me that means keeping a reasonable facsimile of my teaching schedule during breaks and devoting the full amount of time to writing. No rest for the weary, indeed.

g said...

thanks for the links, they are indeed fantastic. i have a question that is perhaps a bit off-topic: i get a sense that applied ethics publications fall between the cracks. there are no obvious top-notch journals one would want to publish in, and the ethics journals don't usually want work in applied ethics (why that is is another issue). is that really a matter of where that sub-field is now, or am i just completely ignorant, and situation is in fact entirely different? (the latter is a probable option, i am very new to it, as my main research is in another sub-filed)