Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sure beats the Dewey Decimal system

The Good Professor hips us to something that is going to make my recommitment to being all that I can philosophically be easier. That is, unless I find some paper in its collection of almost 200,000 (TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND) papers that has already stated my dissertation's main claim. Quite the possibility, but still, fucking uh-mazing.

You can find an explanation of the awesomeness (and my excitement) here.

So, take a look, waste a few hours, and mull over the hard problem of whether SuperNintendo Chalmers' greatest contribution to philosophy is this or philosophical zombies.



Anonymous said...

Can we puh-leeze not call him the "good professor?" There's nothing insulting about calling him by his name and this moniker just screams of ass-kissing. (especially to those of us who remember its origins)

Soon-to-be Jaded Dissertator said...

Ass-kissing is not its intent, nor was it originally meant to be (I believe you are referencing the old 'economy is bad so don't defend post' from the old venture), believe me.

If people don't like the moniker, I'll be back some other time with a new one.

Asstro said...

I read it as tongue-in-cheek, so quite the opposite of ass-kissing.