Thursday, February 12, 2009

Harebrained thought of the day

So we all know that the CV repository at APA placement services is really a waste of time.  Has anyone ever gotten a job (or even a real interview) when you submitted an application at the APA? [Seriously though, has anyone ever successfully made it to the on-campus stage this way?]

Crazy thought: with the Central APA/JFP scheduling debacle (in case you're not paying attention, you don't have  an interview at the Central APA because the second JFP is coming out during the conference) maybe the chances of picking up something on the fly at the Central APA are higher??

-- Second Suitor 


Anonymous said...

Highly, highly, highly unlikely. Would a department really spend the vast sums of money it takes to travel to a conference just to arrange for on-site interviews?

Anonymous said...

This year I received one APA interview from the placement service.

Oddly enough, it was from a school I had already applied to -- yet failed to get an interview.

I guess the second time they read my CV it 'clicked'.

Oh well -- who said the process was capricious; yeah meritocracy!

missamerica said...

Curiously, under what circumstances would a department conduct impromptu interviews at the Central? Either they advertised with sufficient notice and didn't get enough applicants (unlikely); or, for whatever reason, they didn't submit the ad in time (possible); or they have a sudden faculty vacancy and aren't obligated by their administration to do an orthodox search. Are there any other reasons?

Anonymous said...

Like anon 9:22 I received an on-site interview at a school that I had already applied to. However, they told me they remembered my original application so it wasn't completely capricious. I didn't get a fly out and really didn't think it was that great of a job.

I think one reason on site interviews occur is that the school was not satisfied with the applicant pool they received. In any case, I don't know anyone who has received an on campus interview or job offer from an on site interview.

actual_name said...


Another (logically possible, though for all I know highly unlikely) scenario in which this occurs: the search committee is not satisfied with the original pool of applications.

Anonymous said...

Once I got an interview via the placement service, which led to a campus interview, which led to a job offer (which I declined). It can happen, but it's pretty rare. You certainly got nothing to lose except a little time.

crazyChester said...

Seems like I remember that the placement service won't let you post your ad on-site if it has already appeared in JFP, but maybe I'm wrong. Either way, we have posted and hired at the Central division. If the meeting wasn't in *february* this year we might have done it again... You often don't find out for sure that you have a 1-year opening until late spring.

Anonymous said...

I applied for a job that was posted at the Eastern APA. The position had been upgraded from a 1-year to a TT. I only had a handful of interviews at the APA and was was frantic to apply for anything (it was sort of like throwing your last few dollars on a roulette number on the way out of the casino).

As I understand it, the department had sent just one person to do the interviews at the APA. He had a full schedule, and quickly scanned the late applications, including mine, but interviewed someone else at the APA because they had shared research interests. A few months later, in March, I got a phone call inviting me for a campus interview in April. not long afterwards, I got the job.

Turns out that the it was just the job for me.

I hope things work out for the rest of you as they did for me!