Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm still in hiding

Yea. I'm not ready to emerge from the Spring JFP just yet. The fact that there's not much doing this spring's alright, I'm just trying not to dwell on what it means for the market this fall...2 year fixed terms are looking pretty nice right about now.

Anyway, the NY Times feels my pain. The situation of recent Ph.D. grads is so bad we made the national news! Nothing too revelatory (except that someone needs to send out the memo that you need to apply to more than 2 dozen jobs...). Mostly I just want to avoid becoming the migrant farm worker of the academic industry.

-- Second Suitor

P.S. If you've been in the rat race long enough, you could always go help Iraq and look into positions at the University of Kurdistan.


Anonymous said...

On migrant workers: Given the dearth of jobs this year, I've applied for some community college jobs that are TT or equivalent. I'm also applying for some VAPs. Now I realize that a dilemma could arise: suppose I get an offer from a community college and a VAP offer. So far, the people at my current institution (where I'm VAPing), have recommended staying away from community colleges if I have aspirations to work in four-year colleges in the future.

Some dilemma-relevant details: My PhD is from a non-Leiter school; I've scored enough interviews (and some things still in the works) to maintain some confidence despite the lack of pedigree. (At the same time, I don't have delusions of grandeur, and have adjuncted at a community college in the past, and found it reasonably satisfying.) I have a family. (And a car payment to make.) The economy sucks, and some people say the job market will probably be even worse next year.

The first person I talked to (from another discipline) said: "think long-term, take the VAP if you get offered one. Your family may hate it, but it'll be better in the long run. (And if it doesn't work out, don't blame me!)" The second person just seemed worried that even though everyone everywhere knows that the economy sucks and that this means some people may go under-employed (or unemployed), when search committees look at a CV, teaching full-time at a community college will look like a liability at anywhere but similar institutions.

I'm curious what others have to say about all of this. Please have at it, and thanks!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the University of Kurdistan has no philosophy openings.

Ethics girl said...

I'm trying to keep my head happily buried in the sand over this one. I hope to submit my PhD thesis in a few months time, and quietly suspect that I may be doing bar work or something for a while before even a college job comes up.