Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quick thought

You know that the economic-job situation is bad when one of the new job ads out there states:
Definite one-year visiting faculty position
I mean of course if you're advertising for a one-year now it's definite? Right? ... On second thought thanks for letting us know.

-- Second Suitor


Anonymous said...

No. Many lines budgeted for one or two years turn into tenure-track lines. It may be that the department wants a tenure track line, has in fact been promised they will get a TT line, but at present can only get approval for a one-year position. In this case, the department knows no other funding will arise. Hence the position is advertised as a definite one-year.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes they also hire multiple VAPs to replace a tenure track line for a year or two until a TT search is approved. The advantage is that the department saves money and does not have to fly in many outside candidates. They already have two finalists already working in their department. I suspect that this is the case at U of Oregon, which just lost John Lysaker to Emory and is advertising for two VAP positions with the same AOS as Lysaker.

Anonymous said...

Anyone have any clues about how bad it will be next year? I mean how many publications do you need to have to get a TT job these days? Suppose you have one in, say, phil review, is that enough? Or, say, two in AJP and PPQ, would that be enough? I just don't know what the expectations are, as last year I got six interviews with no publications, ABD, and this year I got no interviews with PhD in hand and a much much better writing sample. So any advice?