Thursday, May 21, 2009

Best study timer ever

This is a timer attached to a ball and chain that locks you in place to do work.  Ultimate study timer?

-- Second Suitor


Anonymous said...

Almost worthless. It doesn't stop you from being on Facebook (or reading blogs such as this) instead of doing real work.

cross the breeze said...

This has nothing to do with anything, so I'll bury it in a quiet thread.

I'm all for online applications, but do they have to be so stupid?
I just filled one out that asked me the following three questions in order:

(1) Are you disabled?
(2) Are you a veteran?
(3) Are you a disabled veteran?

Can't they infer (3) from my answers to (1) and (2)?

Also, why do I have to fill out page after page of questions that are all answered on my CV?

And the last two I have filled out asked me to upload my recommendation letters. Uhhh, I don't have access to those, dumbasses.