Friday, May 1, 2009

Maybe I'm spending too much of my time starting up clubs and putting on plays; I should probably be trying harder to score chicks

At certain times, I wonder if I should even bother trying to publish my philosophical work and if, instead, I should focus on posting more here at the Smoker. I mean, regardless of what people think about this here venture, the modest number of visitors Team Smoker pulls in is sure to exceed the number of people who would read anything I published in a decent journal.

And when you discover that you and your teammates' blog is the first hit on Google when the search is "shit fuck my dissertation" that feeling just gets exacerbated.

"Shit, fuck my dissertation." Sounds about right.



Mr. Zero said...

You're like one of those clipper ship captains. You're married to the sea.

Anonymous said...

When the IMDB page for "Fuck My Dirty Shit Hole" (starring Ron Jeremy) is #2, I would take it cum grano salis.

Mr. Blume said...

She's my Rushmore, Max.

full of helpful suggestions said...

Maybe you could make yourself useful by posting a survey asking people which best Brian Leiter survey is the best of the early Obama era.

Anonymous said...

You could also make yourself useful by DRAWING MORE COMICS. We know we'll probably never [cough]receive news of the fates of Pseudonymous Grad Student, PGOAT, or Nth Year -- some sort of "Logan's Run" scenario keeps flashing through my head -- but am I the only one here mourning the philbot's hiatus? Narrative arc, guys!