Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A ray of sunshine

Amid the doom and gloom of state budget cuts and fearmongering about (or perhaps just fearing) the look of the market in the fall, ODU has put out a TT ad looking to scoop people up before everything really gets going (due 9/15). Feels good to see it.

And hey, VA's for lovers so all you budding epistemologists out there hop to it.

-- Second Suitor

Updated: Worth noting, I just saw the TT Southern Miss job for continental philosophers.


Anonymous said...

Your links are to dead ends. And they're to the Chronicle website, and after looking through that website, I can't find any jobs that fit your description. Nor are there any in the JFP.

ODU said...

Here is the ODU ad, for anyone interested:

Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA. Assistant Professor, tenure track. AOS: Epistemology and Philosophy of Logic AOC: Philosophy of Language. Successful applicant will provide compelling evidence of both teaching effectiveness and scholarly potential. Completed Ph.D. in philosophy required by time of appointment. (Completed Ph.D. by time of application strongly preferred.) Review of applications will begin 9/15 and continue until position is filled. Send paper copies of CV, three letters of recommendation, writing sample (10,000 words max.), and evidence of teaching effectiveness to Assistant Professor Search Committee, Philosophy Department, ODU, Norfolk, VA 23529-0083. Direct inquiries to Prof. Yvette Pearson, ypearson@odu.edu. Old Dominion University is an affirmative action, equal opportunity institution and requires compliance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.

Dale Miller
Chair, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Old Dominion University

Will Philosophize For Food said...

The correct links:

Old Dominion

Southern Miss

Anonymous said...

Virginia is for lovers......of wisdom!

Anonymous said...

Didn't ODU have a similar ad last year (and/or the year before)?

This is merely conjecture, but it seems to me that cases of searches that go unfilled and then get repeated the following year is on the rise. If this is true, I wonder what the explanation for this is exactly. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why schools would tend to hire for the Spring? It seems peculiar to me...aren't they shooting themselves in the foot by not getting the largest (/best?) pool of applicants?

ODU said...
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ODU said...

ODU hired successfuly last year in phil. of mind. We have not advertised an epistemology position in the 10 years in which I've been here. The epistemology position starts in Fall 2010. Other questions can be directed to Prof. Pearson as per the ad. Cheers.