Sunday, September 13, 2009

Woe is us roundup

Hopefully everyone's got everything in order to hit the ground running. For people who like to wallow, here's a little not-philosophy-job-market-sucks-too roundup:
  • Planet money mentions this study that finds the unemployed are "a shaken, traumatized people." Sound familiar?
Just sayin', it's not all that rosy outside the discipline either...

-- Second Suitor


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

The poli sci job market is even ickier than philosophy as their equivalent of the Eastern APA happens over Labor Day weekend -- or so. So, materials are due over the summer -- a full year before the positions start.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

I also, personally, think they have a really dysfunctional divide in the discipline itself based on research methods. Philosophy really doesn't have an equivalent point of division... maybe continental vs. analytic -- but, that doesn't really capture it since there are some poli sci questions that simply can't be answered with one method or the other.

Dr. Killjoy said...

Political Science is fake major. Luchenko learn nothing, nothing!

The Brooks Blog said...

Many thanks for noting my post!

Anonymous said...

Some good news:
Richmond is advertising for a one-semester adjunct position.
Yes! One semester! Spring 2010! in Richmond, the cultural mecca!
Be still, my beating heart.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if the APA got its shit together and trickled out the job posts as they came in. This way we could actually spend an hour here and there preparing all of the material and not be absolutely swamped for the 3 weeks after the JFP comes out. Just a thought.

philosofucked said...

This is a side topic but something I have been wondering about as I prepare for the oncoming onslaught that is the job market. I have presented at the apa a couple of times and at some other big timey conferences but I have also presented at various local conferences and given talks at local phil departments here and there. Should one include all of this on the cv or just the juicy ones? I used to think that the best strategy was to include everything that one has done (the local ones show that I am active in the phil community) but after having been on a search committee I now think this is a waste of time...anyone have any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

@8:28 -

I'd love nothing better than to be swamped with application work (though I get your point).

Second Year TT guy said...


I'd include all or almost all of your presentations on your CV. It lets us see just how active you are. It might help a little (after all, it helps show how hard you work). The only two ways that listing talks might hurt you would be if your papers never get into more competitive conferences (I knew one guy that presented the same paper at conference after conference for years and none of those were competitive conferences), or if you are listing talks at non-philosophical venues. But, that isn't a problem for you since you are landing APA papers. Don't despair, a significant portion of SCs will judge that to be impressive. Hopefully, those papers turned into decent peer reviewed articles too!

Anonymous said...


I take it you are worried that your good conferences (like the APA) will be hidden by the ones that dont offer much in the way of credentials.

this is a legitimate worry. Having had two papers accepted at the APA is a pretty big deal, and you dont want to hide that. I would address it by coming up with two clever categories of conferences and putting the good ones into the category that appears first on the CV.

Somethink like:

_Papers presented at competitive international conferences_

Other cool conference

_Other conference presentations_


CTS said...

From what I read at IHE, History may be in even worse shape than PoliSci and Phil.

For what it's worth.

Anonymous said...

10:31 -

Presumably the talks to local philosophy departments were invited, right? You could just divide between refereed conferences and invited talks.

Philosofucked said...

Thanks to everyone who responded. Those are good ideas.