Thursday, October 8, 2009

APA Don't Transition the Website until AFTER the JFP comes out!

Anyone else get an automatically generated e-mail talking about how the APA website may be down for a few days as it transitions to a new hosting facility?

Ok, practical jokers...ha ha...that was funny.

They're not seriously going to have the website go down the weekend the JFP comes out...right?

-- Second Suitor

Update: Spiros, in all his usual correctness, has this to say:
As if it were not already utterly plain to anyone who's not an idiot, this goes to show that the APA does not give a shit about jobseekers. This is ridiculous. Stop paying your dues.
-- JD


Anonymous said...

The APA is such a useless, worthless piece of hot, steamy dogshit.

Anonymous said...

This has got to be a cruel, cruel joke. Not funny.

Anonymous said...

Full Text for those of you not on the mailing list.

********** DO NOT REPLY TO THIS NEWS MESSAGE************
This message has been automatically generated. Replies can not be received.
It is for informational purposes only.

ANNOUNCEMENT-APA Website Construction. The APA National Office is in the midst of transitioning our website and its services to a new hosting facility. Due to the transition, the APA website may be temporarily down for a few days. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our members and the philosophical community and we’d like to thank everyone for their on-going patience while we continue with our new construction.

Anonymous said...


Xenophon said...

It's not listed on the APA front page under ""Important News and Announcements." Maybe it is a hoax. I guess stay tuned and we'll find out.

If true (if it is a hoax, that is), that brings up the question of how someone outside of the APA could get email addresses. If false, it brings us to the question not only of why they chose to do it now, but also why they don't consider it important news. And why they waited til the last minute to announce it.

One theory: there aren't many jobs, and this seemed better than cancelling JFP 183 like they did last time.

Eventually we'll get the print copy. In the interim, there's always the Chronicle and HigherEdJobs. DEPARTMENTS: you know that in order to get 600 applicants, you need to use one of these alternate venues, don't you? (Shit, maybe I shouldn't have phrased it that way.)

APA is a joke said...

The APA is disgraceful. It's almost like they are deliberately fucking with us. Why do we put up with this?

Anonymous said...

This must be real, because the email is from Linda Nuoffer, who is the APA Executive Secretary.

We should bombard her with complaints:

Asstro said...

But wait, if it's real, why is the website temporarily up? I say bombard with e-mails, let them know that the site should not go down until everyone has access to the online JFP, or at least a hard copy in their hands, and then let them revamp their terrible site.

Fortunately I'm not going on the market for a long, long time, so I don't have to renew my membership until the APA in December.

Samir said...

This is a fuck.

Clayton said...

Everyone should email the APA and demand (politely) that they send out the JFP via email so we don't need to wait for the new site to be up. We know they can send out mass emails. They just did that to cause the mass panic. Complain, sure. While complaining, suggest the obvious solution to this problem.

zombie said...

How very convenient. And not at all suspicious.

Anonymous said...

The publication schedule now lists JFP 183 (supposed to publish tomorrow) as scratched:

Mr. Zero said...

The publication schedule now lists JFP 183 as scratched

That's just because they're not accepting submissions anymore or something. They do that all the time. It doesn't mean anything.

Anonymous said...

It lists 183 as scratched, but it lists "183W", the web version, as
"Beginning October 9" - so presumably that means that they'll start to be posted tomorrow... unless the website goes down "temporarily for a few days" (!).

Anonymous said...

Observation: In the past, it has been possible to access the JfP before the APA linked to it, by using the standard URL with the issue number changed to the current one. I don't think we were ever able to get it very far in advance, but I do think that there was a day or two lead, and so I have been trying for the last day or so.

Further Observation: The technique described above is currently unfruitful.

Hypothesis: The JfP is not ready, yet.

Conspiracy theory: the transition is a deke.

Anonymous said...


SECOND Announcement-APA Website Construction. The APA National Office expects a smooth transition in moving our website to a new hosting facility. Though some services and features may be temporarily down during the move, we do not expect that this will affect on the APA publications that appear online. We have every confidence that all paid members will still be able to access the online issues of the Jobs for Philosophers as well as the JFP Web Only Ads during the transition. (The October issue of the JFP, Issue # 183, will be posted online tomorrow, Friday, 10/9/09).

Any interruptions to the APA website or its features will be only temporary.

Anonymous said...

"Hey here's a great idea! Let's change servers on the biggest web traffic day of the year! Sounds like a brilliant plan to me."

Anonymous said...

I agree with Clayton. I just sent a constructive email to several officers at the APA suggesting, in particular, a mass emailing of the job announcements. After all, surely by now the APA has such data complied in some form, if it were to have published such data tomorrow were it not for an awkwardly timed transition to a new hosting facility. Perhaps if they receive enough of this kind of feedback they will find a way to release this data in a non-traditional way.

svetlana said...

One thing for sure, the APA has a weird sense of humor. Anon 11:49 thanks for the tip on how to access the list of jobs via the URL.
Complain to the APA! I just did.

Anonymous said...

Everything seems to be cool. I just received an email from the APA, and they have stressed that problems with publishing as planned is *unlikely*. It seems *likely* that everything is ok.

Anonymous said...

Ok, thanks APA for calming down our already badly rattled anxiety buds. The timing of this transition is still pretty bizarre.

Anonymous said...

This is the problem: