Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Philosophy Jobs Wiki

Via PFS, we learn of, a new philosophy jobs wiki.

Gird your loins. T-minus 2 days. Shit.

--Mr. Zero


Ibid said...

Thanks for this link to a great site.

I especially like this job call, from University of Maine (Farmington):

Asst. Prof. (Tenure Track)

AOS: Epistemology, Logic, Philosophy of Science, Aesthetics & Philosophy of Art, Environmental Ethics, Africana Philosophy, Asian Philosophy, Continental Philosophy, Indian Philosophy, Islamic Philosophy, Jewish Philosophy, Latin American Philosophy, and Native American Philosophy

Sure, I can do all of that. Would you also like cream with your coffee?

Anonymous said...

Just use the old wiki, it has been cleared:

Anonymous said...

Let's hope the 'rumor mill' is wrong!

Mr. Zero said...


I noticed that, too. It seemed to me that there must be some "and/or" confusion there. Or, they've got a VAP they're looking to hire.

david morrow said...

I'm one of the creators of the new wiki. Thanks for the link, Mr Zero. We don't mean any disrespect to the organizers and maintainers of the old wiki. I found it to be extremely useful (though soul-crushing) last year. We just thought we could provide a more useful service if we moved the wiki to our own server. For instance, the new wiki is easier to sort and search, and it provides RSS feeds. (We're working on customized feeds for just the schools that interest you.)

As for Farmington's listing, you're right, Mr Zero. if you look at the original job ad on CHR, you'll see that they actually want any of those listed disciplines as an "AOS/AOC." We decided not to try to distinguish the various ways of handling conjunctions and disjunctions in AOS requirements. We've added a note to that effect to the wiki (under 'How do I use the wiki?').

We're happy to receive feedback on the wiki -- bugs, complaints, feature requests, etc. You can contact us at, through the site, or through this thread.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, if the new wiki isn't distinguishing between AOSs and AOCs, nor between disjuncts and conjuncts, it's not particularly useful.

Xenophon said...

Wow, that's amazaingly neat. One question for phylo@phylo: is there any way to attach a unique identifier to each listing? I see, for example, that the job at Whitworth has already been filled, but that's a job for this year, i.e., a whole year ahead of the flood of jobs that'll come out on Friday. If that job was identified as 182w-1, for example, then it would be clear which year it was for (assuming people knew the APA conventions)and it would also distinguish the VAP job from the TT job they promise to fill for next year. Or maybe it would be easier to indicate the semester the job was supposed to start, e.g., Fall 2009. You get the idea.

But very impressive. Thanks for the work putting this together.

david morrow said...


Sorry, I should have been clearer. We do want to distinguish between AOS and AOC, but our intent is to omit AOCs from the wiki. Presumably, people are only interested in jobs that have the right AOS(es). (If you're an ethicist, a job with an ethics AOC does you no good if the AOS is Neo-Confucian Chinese Metaphysics and Ancient Near Eastern Epistemology.) The problem with the Farmington ad is that they don't distinguish between AOS and AOC, so we can't either.

As I understood it, the convention on the old wiki has been to list only the AOSes. That convention should continue on the new wiki.


Good question. I'd thought about that at one point. I don't think it should be an issue for too long, since presumably the jobs that start this year will need to be filled pretty soon. It might become a bigger issue in the spring.

What do people think? Would you like to see a field specifying when the job is supposed to start?

Anonymous said...

Also, the Rutgers job listing incorrectly lists the job as a New Brunswick campus job. It's a Newark campus job. That's a pretty big difference.

Anonymous said...

That is one awesome wiki design. At least the job search will have a kind of beauty this year. Nice work.

And I like how positions turn from green to red, like the escalating terror alerts, or the stoplight telling you you're not going to make it through this particular intersection. Ahhh... misery.

Will Philosophize For Food said...

"That is one awesome wiki design."

Perhaps. I can't tell. Because unfortunately, I get a giant disclaimer box loaded right over the page, and my browser won't let me scroll down far enough to close it.

Perhaps we can ditch the disclaimer box (put it in text on the front page, or as a javascript pop-up), so it will be useful to everyone?

Filosofer said...

Will Philosophize for Food:

I had the same problem, and then learned--more or less by accident--that I could use the down arrow on my keyboard to scroll down to the bottom of the message. Then I was able to click on the "click here to close window" thingy.

Maybe the wiki doesn't like Firefox?

Anonymous said...

I love the design, but I think dropping AOCs is a mistake. There are going to be cases where the AOS sort of fits, but sort of doesn't (i.e. - someone who does philosophy of social science might apply for a job with AOS philosophy of science, but has social philosophy and/or phil of anthropology as an AOC). In those sorts of cases, AOCs are highly relevant.

It's not a big deal, but I just wanted to point out that AOC lists often matter when deciding which jobs to apply for.

Filosofer said...

Um, wouldn't one have to be more or less insane to make decisions about where to apply based on the wiki?

There's a publication coming out soon called Jobs for Philosophers. You should use that instead. Just use the wiki to see what's up with the jobs you've applied for. JFP will tell you what you need to know about AOS and AOC.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Look, the work on the "new wiki" is appreciated, but why bother? The old wiki was fine. All of the information was in one place. People are still updating the old wiki. I'll continue to post my information there.

david morrow said...


That's what we had in mind: this should not be your sole source of information about these jobs. (Actually, it's not clear how it could be, since it doesn't provide contact info, application packet requirements, etc.)

That's more or less what the disclaimer means when it says that the wiki is, well, a job wiki, not a job listing service.

Speaking of the disclaimer splash, we fixed a bug or two that arose when we turned on extra page caching today in expectation of more visitors. You can now click anywhere on the screen to get rid of it, and the disclaimer should only appear the first time that you visit the page on a given computer (assuming that you have cookies enabled in your browser). Thanks for the feedback on that.

Anonymous said...

How does one edit entries on the Phylo wiki? The AOS for a number of jobs has been mischaracterized, and the corrections I've entered aren't showing up in the records.

david morrow said...

Anon 9:04,

In sadly typical IT support fashion, I haven't been able to replicate your problem. When I visit the site from a "non-administrator" computer, I mouse over the pencil icon and click 'Edit the details of this job listing' in the tooltip that appears. That loads a form in place of the job listing. If I change the AOS on that form and click the 'Save' button, the page reloads all of the listings, and my changes show up.

I know there were some occasional problems with people entering ads on Friday, but I think we identified and fixed those. If you're still experiencing problems adding or editing listings, I'd really like to hear about it by email so that I can fix the problem. In addition to the contact methods I mentioned earlier, you can email me at dmorrow[the_number_one] [at] gmail [dot] com.

RSS Users:

One other note about the wiki: If you're following the RSS feed, you may find that everything is suddenly marked 'new' (as of about 4:00 pm EDT today). We got reports that some RSS readers (including Google Reader) weren't recognizing job status updates as "new" RSS items, so we made some changes to try to fix that.