Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Comics

(Click the pic to make it groooooow.)

Choose carefully. And remember to use the weapons you earn wisely, though don't discount the standard phi gun.

-- JD


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Anonymous said...

The robot will surely use the phi gun on him/herself.

Anonymous said...

Um, not sure what this comic is about, but I have a potentially retarded and unrelated question:

This is my first year on the job market. Is it delusional to apply for an Ivy League job, whether a post-doc or otherwise, if I don't come from a Leiter-ranked program? I have a couple solid publications.

Anonymous said...

IMHO, a lot is learned by looking at the faculty lists at the Ivies - how many faculty have PhDs from non-ranked institutions?

Though, perhaps quite a lot depends on how "solid" the journals are in which you have publications. I wonder if there has ever been a first-year candidate from an unranked program with multiple publications in the best journals (Ethics, Phil. Review, etc).

Surely if your publications are only in respectable journals (The Journal of Value Inquiry, Philosophia, etc), you don't stand a chance.

zombie said...

I love this position at University of Memphis:

"Holder of the Chair of Excellence in Philosophy"

I would like to sit in that chair.

Xenophon said...

I want a phi gun.

juniorperson said...

"Surely if your publications are only in respectable journals (The Journal of Value Inquiry, Philosophia, etc), you don't stand a chance."

I'm not convinced that the Journal of Value Inquiry is a "respectable"
journal--it seems to publish a lot of dross.

And "Philosophia" seems marginal, at best.

Anonymous said...

IMHO, the most important things in determining whether it's worthwhile to apply to top programs are who's writing your letters and what they say. If you have a very strong letter from a "star" faculty member, then sure, apply. Alternatively, if your pubs are truly in top journals, maybe they'll be curious enough to read your writing sample, and if that is good, then that is worthwhile in itself -- to get good work in front of people, that is. But if you merely have pubs in solid journals and merely have solid letters from relatively unknown people, the odds are very long. Check out whom the top programs have hired recently -- mostly folks with lots of promise, as attested by letters no doubt, and not much published.

Anonymous said...

It is not delusional to apply for ivy jobs or post-docs if your degree is from outside the top 50. It IS delusional, however, to think that you'll get your application looked at. The only (possible) exception is if your cover letter explains why, despite being admitted to better (best) schools both in general and in your AOS, terrible circumstances forced you to go to the lesser school, and you have kick ass pubs (Mind, Nous, Phil Rev, JPhil, PPR, Ethics, Phil Sci). If that isn't the case, don't bother.

Even folks who end up at those places who don't have high powered degrees didn't start there. They published hughly important things and then moved much later.

Still, there's some hope that with good letters and solid pubs you might get a job somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Just add one more line to the robot's logo and the phi gun becomes the Zodiac killer's gun.

Which is harder: getting published in Mind or solving the Zodiac ciphers?

Anonymous said...

Defeat all eight to collect the monocle weapon before you face The Dean.