Thursday, December 31, 2009

Six-packs of Bud Light Cost Less Than Ten Dollars

Sorry about the less-than-regular blogging schedule lateley. I blame family obligations, traveling, and jacked-up midtown wifi rates. Whatever.

Anyways, anon 12:38 says it well:
$10 Bud Light at the second night's smoker. Ten mother fucking dollars for a bottle of bud fucking light?! $12 for a glass of wine?! $6 for a bottle of water or a glass of soda?!

Dear APA - did you AGREE to those prices? Were they prearranged? If so - fuck you. We're poor and not getting any richer and obligated to attend the smoker and then have to make the choice of spending $10 on one bottle of piss poor beer or going without.
I mean, it's cool that the beers at the first smoker are free, and I get that a lot of people want the conference to be in Midtown New York. But come on. We're un- or underemployed philosophers forced to spend our own money to fly to New York two days after Christmas for job interviews. The APA should be doing everything it possibly can to make it affordable.

Next time, lets have the conference at the Plaza. Nicer views.

--Mr. Zero


Anonymous said...

When I first arrived in NYC I purchased a 12 pack of bud light. Just smuggle a couple of those in (or something else they will clearly have, based on the first night). You're golden.

If you're the sort of person uncomfortable sneaking alcohol into an event, I have to admit I don't have much sympathy.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't anon 8:23's comment miss the point? OK so there is a work around, but wouldn't it be better to have a conference that wasn't broken in the first place?

CTS said...

It would be better to have reasonable prices, although they have always been unreasonable from the perspective of the unemployed.

I used to take a hip flask and spike my soda.

Anonymous said...

8:23's comment is apropos of the whole state of academic philosophy today: there are the haves (those with TT positions who can afford $10 Buds) and the have-nots (those grad students and underemployed VAPs who cannot afford $10 Buds and so either do not drink or resort to sneaking alcohol into the Smoker). The haves are telling the have-nots: some day you too, grasshopper, might be able to afford $10 Buds at the APA Smoker and attract throngs of have-nots begging you for a job, a life and the means to afford over-priced beer (not to mention, being initiated into the world of the haves). How medieval it all seems.

zombie said...

I didn't attend the smoker. I took the bus upstate and went home. (Did I just kill my chances at the one job I interviewed for?) But ten bucks is an obscene price for watered down crap beer. At my age and, uh, level of maturity, I shouldn't have to sneak booze into social functions. What is this, Happy Days?

Polacrilex said...

Zombie: Yes, and the APA has jumped the shark.

CTS said...


There may well be jerks who look down upon the unemployed/underemployed. But, really, I do not think most of your employed colleagues feel this way. Don’t forget, there have been other awful job periods, and some of us came through those.

Your employed colleagues are, for the most part*, anything but indifferent to your plight. We want good philosophers/teachers to succeed. We want this both because we care about the future of our discipline and because we care about our own students/programs.

* I am going to go out on a limb, here. I do not know the attitudes towards hiring of all those in our profession who regard themselves – or might be regarded by many of you – as in the ‘most desirable’ programs. I do know folks in many of the research-oriented programs, and they seem to be as concerned about our discipline as those of us more concerned with undergraduate education.

In other words, tenured and TT faculty all over the country are dismayed by the current situation. Perhaps some job-seekers are encountering assholes. I encountered a few when I was on the market eons ago. Those people are NOT the norm.

By the way, I would never pay 12 bucks for a glass of wine – whether looking for a job or not.

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious, I just now made the connection between the expression and the Fonz.

Anonymous said...

Anon January 1, 2010 12:48 PM

Good Grief! Have you freakin' lost your mind? People have been bringing travellers to the pay-for smoker for years.

Anonymous said...


I sure hope most SC members are as reasonable as you.


Anonymous said...

I second Anon 12:48's comment about how medieval the whole APA thing seems. Just as the reception is still called "the Smoker," even though smoking is not allowed, not much else has changed about the APA since the time when smoking was permissible.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that soda water (with a lemon slice) was $6 on the second night. I kindly asked the bartender how that could be, and he said he couldn't afford it either.

Jaded Dissertator said...

It *was* nice that the beers were free on Monday (*and* that they had Brooklyn Lager or Blue Moon to drink instead of Budweiser). I enjoyed that mightily as my blogging colleagues might attest to (SS and I made quite the first impression on Mr. Z).

My head almost exploded with rage at the prices on the second night. But, fortuitously said prices worked in my favor: I was stone-cold sober and on my research-articulating game when I ran into one of my interviewers.

Still. Fuck $10 for a beer. Fuck it hard.

Anonymous said...

there are the haves (those with TT positions who can afford $10 Buds) and the have-nots (those grad students and underemployed VAPs who cannot afford $10 Buds and so either do not drink or resort to sneaking alcohol into the Smoker).

12:48, you're smoking crack. TT and tenured faculty still cannot afford $10 beers, much less Bud Light.

Anonymous said...

Even if you (only) make $50k/year, I think that you can afford a $30-50 bar tab not even a week before pay day. I'll shed a tear when you make $30k/year and every year it is hit-or-miss whether your contract will be renewed, or if you make $15k/year (as a grad assistant) and there is no prospect that even when you finish your Ph.D. you will have a job making $50k/year.

Anonymous said...

If you think someone making $50k a year can well afford a $50 bar tab, then you don't know much about real-world economics. Multiply your grad school expenses by 5-10, more if you even dare dream to buy a house or have a family.

I know many professionals making more than $100k, and even *they* would not so easily brush off a $50 bar tab, given the cost of living in their cities (such as NYC).

Anonymous said...

On another prohibitive cost: Wifi.

You can subscribe to a service like Boingo for $10 per month, and use it at many, many hotels, including the Marriott. $10/month is still too much, but better than $16.95/day!