Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Pacific APA Hotel Situation

The upshot is, they're not moving the conference. The survey revealed that a plurality of the conference participants preferred to keep the conference at the St. Francis. More information here.

I'm pretty glad they decided not to move to Las Vegas. I don't know why that was mentioned at all. I'm disappointed that they're not moving to another Bay-area hotel, but I appreciate that this would be a logistical nightmare at this point. But because the union is not actually on strike, I am not outraged or anything. Just disappointed.

But maybe you're going and you don't want to stay at the St. Francis. Here is a list of hotels you might want to stay at instead.

--Mr. Zero


Matt said...

Thanks for the info; I was wondering about this. For what it's worth, a quick search can find you cheaper hotels in the area, some of which are decent. Strike or no strike, there's no way I'm going to stay in another hugely expensive APA hotel this year.

Don't know that I'll cross a picket line to go give a paper though, if it comes to that!

Anonymous said...

Same weak ass response as the last time this happened. Just wait until union faculty start getting fired b/c of financial exigency somewhere. People will scream bloody murder.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i have to say that it seemed to me they were already creating a false choice: either remain at the st. francis or everyone has to go to the middle of the desert. this comes as little surprise.

Anonymous said...

Re: Las Vegas

Please note the following in the fourth paragraph of the Pacific statement of 1/25/2010:
". . . the union could offer no assurance that the boycott would bypass any of San Francisco’s unionized hotels with conference facilities suitable to house our program. He also reported that there is a significant risk of the dispute spreading to Los Angeles and that the only city with multiple suitable properties safe from boycott is Las Vegas."

The complete statement:

Anonymous said...

sure, but the westin is called out specifically, and there are other hotels that the union suggests that are either not under dispute (or not yet under dispute). there seem to be other options.

Anonymous said...

Where are you folks staying, if not at St. Francis? Any hotels to recommend?

Anonymous said...

I'm staying at The Mosser, which is close and doesn't look bad. Haven't been there before, so I can't say for sure. Then again, my standards aren't really high.

The Mosser
54 4th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103