Monday, February 15, 2010

Public Service Announcement

For those heading to the central, keep in mind that the Chicago Art Museum is free in February:

-- Second Suitor


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

What else is there that's fun to do around the Palmer House? Is anyone game for doing an informal Philosophy Smoker meet-up at the Palmer House bar on Saturday night? At what time is the actual Smoker?

Anonymous said...

The smoker starts at 8:30 on Thursday. There isn't that much to do righ around the Palmer House at night -- the Loop is kind of slow that way. You have to head up north of the river for nightlife.

Wasn't there some thought of people who supported and petitioned for the new anti-discrimination plank to get together in that bar next door (on Wabash St.)? Anyone remember the details?

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but I received a referee request today and thought that since today was my day off that's what I'd do. So, I did it. I read the paper, I wrote up a couple of pages of notes, I sent the R&R verdict back to the journal. (It was a short paper, less than 12 pages.)

So, do a fellow philosopher a favor and get those reports in. Hell, do me a favor and get one of my reports in. Jesus, I'm sick of waiting.

Anonymous said...

Hitler hears back about his applications to graduate school in philosophy.

Silly Hitler. You can't get a job at a community college with a B.A.

h/t Leiter.

Anonymous said...


You are to be commended. I just hope my editor can get a referee someday.


>Five months and waiting

Anonymous said...

Thanks 2:45. There's a chance that it only _seems_ you don't have a referee and in fact the editor is your referee. This is happening to me at a certain journal. I had contacted the journal to ask and the assistant didn't know this was happening. Editor emailed me a few weeks later to tell me what was up.

I shouldn't have wished for a referee to return the favor, received a crappy rejection today. No good deeds go unpunished.

2:45 said...

6:47 (or anyone who cares to speculate),

Yeah, I thought that I might be in such a situation. One question though is why a submission is directed to the editor? I know that some, in the discussion on blind refereeing, suggest that an author might send an article directly to an editor, but this did not happen in my case. My article does happen to be in the same field as the editor, but this can't be sufficient. Finally, my piece is critcal of an earlier entry in the journal, so maybe that, plus the overlap in field, did it?

BunnyHugger said...

Anon 3:55:

Hey, this could be a fun thread: "Most devastating journal rejections!" Or maybe I'm the only one who has had one like this?

Here's mine, in its entirety:

We regret to inform you that your essay, ["Title"], will not be published in [Moderately Respectable Journal].

Editor's comment:

It completely ignores the literature on [X], almost completely ignores the literature on [Y], and says nothing new.

Pardon me, I'll just be over here in this hole I crawled into, dying inside.