Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Skype Fashion

A fellow Smoker who wishes to remain anonymous writes with the following question:
...what do you wear for a Skype interview? I suppose it's a less formal occasion than a regular APA interview, but more formal than a phone interview since they can see you. What is appropriate? Jacket-and-tie? Jacket and open-collar shirt? Thanks for the help!
One nice thing about this kind of interview is that you can dress comfortably from the waist down. So while I recommend wearing pajama pants and slippers, I don't really know what kind of upper-body attire is appropriate. And I suppose that women probably have more options than men, although not obviously in a good way. Thanks everyone.

--Mr. Zero


Anonymous said...

Enough with the what to wear business - the answer is the same as always - wear something you're comfortable in that makes you look professional!!

On a completely different topic, I just recieved my copy of the february JFP. Because the ads section was so short, I glanced at the rest of the blurb for the first time, and noticed that under the 'Global character of philosophy' section they say that "In 1998, the United States WILL be host to the World Congress of Philosophy". More proof that the APA is an incompetent institution from another century?

zombie said...


I'd say dress in business casual. For a man, a jacket wouldn't hurt, but a tie seems excessive. Be careful about loud colors and patterns that might distort the video picture.

Anonymous said...

I had a skype interview last year. I wore a jacket and tie (and, uh, also a shirt), along with shorts and flip-flops. The sartorial contrast actually helped me feel more confident. Got a campus interview out of it too (alas, no offer).

Unlike a phone interview, you can actually see who is talking with you. I had two screens in front of me, one with video and one with faculty webpages opened.

Anonymous said...

For men seated at a desk, I recommend coat and tie from the waist up and buck naked from the waist down. Make sure you stand up at the end of the interview.

Campervan Christchurch said...

Skype fashion is Coat and tie and shorts and sneakers. Socks are optional.

Tom Morris said...

Sounds like an ideal time to pull out the Half-Suit.