Thursday, April 29, 2010

Save Middlesex Philosophy

Via Feminist Philosophers and Leiter, the petition is here. Sign it.

And as Leiter says,

NOTE THAT THE petition does not provide a place for institutional affiliations. Do include your city and country, however, to make clear that the news of this disgraceful behavior is being noted internationally. And if you are a U.S. academic, choose "Prof." as title, again to make clear that it is an international academic community that disapproves of this latest example of mindless behavior by out-of-control academic bureaucrats.

--Mr. Zero


Anonymous said...

New posts! Your recycling in lieu of complaining is causing me to complain in lieu of reading.

Anonymous said...

I have a problem with using the title "Dr" on the petition, as I am a grad student. It'd be one thing if it gave me the honorific option of "Prof", but it doesn't.

I teach at a University, so "Prof" seems like a small stretch, but an acceptable one. "Dr" just seems like a lie. A lie that, given that I want my signature to be public, is one I'm not comfortable with.

zombie said...

Aren't the usual Mr, Ms etc honorifics available? I thought they were.
The use of Dr and Prof also vary by country. In the UK, as I understand it, Professor is a higher status title than Dr.

Anonymous said...

I also thought Leiter's advice to use "Prof" was odd, given that it means something different in the UK and, at least in my experience, they can be somewhat irritable about the US practice of using "Professor" as loosely as we do. I don't get Anon 5:50's comment. Clearly "Dr" doesn't just "seem" like a lie, but would be an outright one.

Anonymous said...

Indeed. Professor actually means something over here ;-)

Canadian Pragmatist said...

Why is this program being shut down? My guess is that it has to do with funding and the fact that philosophers contribute to nothing but discourse in their own specialized and externally irrelevant field of inquiry (e.g. philosophy of time, change, etc...).