Friday, July 2, 2010

St. Anselm

Hat tip to PZ Myers:

(original at Bob the Angry Flower)

But this seems to me to get Anselm exactly backwards. Anselm would say that for any slice of bacon that existed only in the imagination, a slice just like it that also exists in reality would be more perfect. The views Bob attributes to Anselm seem to me to be unsuitable for use in a proof of the existence of bacon, and to owe more to Plato.

--Mr. Zero


Mary Bullstonecraft said...

You're right. *Unless* it's the case that Bob the Angry Flower is a vegetarian (or something else that would cause him to rate the existence of bacon to constitute an inherent flaw), and thus finds that the Bacon greater than which none can be conceived would ACTUALLY be bacon that did not exist in reality.

Mr. Zero said...

But the first line is, "Bacon lovers rejoice"

Mary Bullstonecraft said...

You're right, I saw that just after I submitted my comment. Anselm FAIL!

Glaucon said...

Mmmmm, bacon.