Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cleaning the inbox, 9/1, part 3

Round 3. Smoker MD writes in to ask if we'll start a thread on transferring programs akin to the one over at Leiter's blog - you can find it by directing your browsers towards his site and skipping over the restaurant reviews and the flaming of random non-philosophers who e-mail mean things to him.

In any case, MD:
I was wondering if someone might start a thread at the Smoker about the issue of transferring programs. It was a recent topic at Leiter's blog and there have been a few interesting replies, especially with regard to the acceptable reasons for doing so (faculty member A, who is the only person working in the AOS of the student, seems to be an acceptable reason...but not much consensus beyond that). I'm not necessarily suggesting piggybacking on the Leiter thread, but something on the perceptions of transferring students would be appreciated.
Emphasis added. So, Smokers, what do you think the perceptions of transfer students are?

-- Jaded Dissertator


Anonymous said...

I transferred. The members of the first faculty were fine with it and wrote recs. I was received well at the second institution. I did well this past year on the market, and not because I'm extraordinary.

So, one data point: transferring is not a problem in at least some cases.

On the upside, I knew more, transferred some credits, and was therefore able to get further on the funding offered.

Anonymous said...

I know of some people who have transferred. I tried myself, but only shot high and didn't get into anywhere I wanted to leave my current program for. I think some committees look down on such applicants so that it can be hard to get into some programs as a transfer. But if you can do it and deal with the consequences (starting over, more time in grad school, etc.), then it's not a bad move. Of course, you'd probably want to make sure the move up is significant enough to make it worth it.

I don't think anyone looks down on it if you do it. Reasonable advisors at the current program won't freak and will understand a desire to better oneself. But I suppose it could be odd if you don't get in anywhere and everyone knows you tried to leave. But you cannprobably keep it on the DL. And people at the new program shouldn't have anything against it..