Sunday, November 7, 2010

Embedded videos? Watch out now..

Sure it's about english, so it doesn't apply to us at all...

--Second Suitor

p.s. I picked it up from here: (I figure if I'm bitching at my students about citing sources...)

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Anonymous said...

Funny how I can see this from both sides. As an undergraduate I had no idea about the 'real' work of philosophers. I thought it was mostly a job where you got to research cool shit and talk about it in class. Even as an MA student I was not aware of what they were really doing. Us students were busy studying our asses off for the comps, trying to keep up with the reading and writing to pass classes, and grinding through part time jobs to pay for it all. If lucky we would hit the bar to de-stress. Our PhD program was more of the same. Professors kept us at arms-length and emphasized that we should spend all our "free" time in the library and reading/writing all the time. No professor took the time to sit us down to talk about publishing or the importance of networking. (Professors were also oddly absent when we tried to talk to them.) Read, research, and write. Part time jobs. That is what they trained us for.

On the other side I sometimes think, fracking clueless students. They should have tried harder.