Friday, November 5, 2010

How's This For an Idea

As you know, there are always a lot of annoying duplicate ads in the web-onlies and the November print edition of the JFP. Why not mark the new ads as new, instead of (or in addition to, whatever) listing the other editions in which each ad has been included. For crying out loud.

--Mr. Zero


zombie said...

There also seems to be some overlap/redundancy between what's in the print version and the so-called "web-only" ads. So what's "web-only" about them? They are really "web-also" ads.

But as to your suggestion, I concur, heartily. Find a way to differentiate between old ads and new ads, and web-only ads and web-also ads, and web-only old, web-only new, web-also...

Yeah, I guess I'm starting to see why APA can't be bothered. Although surely some smart computer science intern could crack this nut in a few hours.

Anonymous said...

How about this for a plan of action:

1. Create a basic description of the way that we want the info in the JFP to be organized.

2. Take up a collection from Philosophy Smoker readers.

3. Find someone willing to reorganize the data as decided in step 1 in exchange for the collection money gathered in step 2.

4. Either make the results available on this blog (if the APA would allow it), or ask the APA to make the results available to its members.