Sunday, January 23, 2011

Deep thought

As most of you are well-aware, my taking two minutes to create this post is going to be the deciding factor between whether or not I succeed in all my future philosophical endeavors. I'm fucked.

I hope the two minutes you take to post a comment telling me that I'm history's second greatest monster doesn't ruin your career also. I mean, one of us *has* to get a job.

This is an open thread.

--Jaded Dissertator


Equally Fucked said...

Dammit, thanks to you, I just spent thirty seconds reading your post, and now I'm fucked as well! I even have a tenure track job already, but now that I wasted these thirty seconds, I'm sure to be fired!

zombie said...

You just need to learn how to multitask, dude. The academic life is far more forgiving of your online shenanigans than your possible future frycook job. Hot oil and texting do not mix.

Anonymous said...

I blogged my way into a job at Walmart.

Anonymous said...

Who's teaching philosophy in Kuwait? A few years ago I interviewed with the U of Kuwait in Washington D.C., was offered the job and subsequently declined. I could imagine the sex and alcohol deprived, depression-filled reality that would await me. In 4 years teaching there, though, I'd have had enough money (sans taxes) in my bank account to come back to the states and buy a house outright in cash.

Anonymous said...

Philosophy in Kuwait, eh?
And I'd just like to note that they have waaay more women than any American philosophy department I know.

Anonymous said...

Who's teaching philosophy in Kuwait?

Someone who spent too much time commenting on blog posts -- that's who.

Actually, I went to grad school with a guy who took a job at the American University of Kuwait. He was from eastern Europe, and so besides other benefits like its being a philosophy job and paying really well, it was a way to be closer to his family. Google reports at least two other North American-educated philosophers teaching in Kuwait. One is Kuwaiti and the other has an Arabic name.

In 4 years teaching there, though, I'd have had enough money (sans taxes) in my bank account to come back to the states and buy a house outright in cash.

My guess is that it's a really bad idea to come back to the US from Kuwait and buy a house in cash.

Anonymous said...

I think I want to give the U of Kuwait the gift of a digital camera. 1986 called, and wants some of their pictures back.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Ezzat Orany is frickking awesome in his photo.

Xenophon said...

How about Mahmoud Ahmed? His email is no-ff-fear@hotmail. I don't know whether it's a stuttering version of the lifestyle clothing company, or a censored version of no-fucking-fear, but in either case it's pretty in your face. Too bad he didn't pose for the photo in his motorcycle jacket.

Imagine being the student who wants to get an extension on his paper and has to email his request to Dr. No-Fear.

zombie said...

Alia Shuaib is pretty awesome. Cher could play her in the musical: Kuwait A Minute.

But what to make of the truly excellent representation of women on the faculty of kuwait University? Better than many, MANY US phil depts.

zombie said...

PFO euphemism o' the day: "set aside."

"The Assistant Professor/Philosophy Search Committee at Euphemistic University has concluded our initial round of selections. Please be assured we considered each and every application carefully for the best fit for the department. We have been honored by the number and caliber of candidates that have applied for this position. Sadly, we cannot hire all of the amazing applicants we have reviewed.

Your application is one we must unfortunately set aside with regret. On behalf of my colleagues... I thank you for your submission and wish you the best of luck in your future career endeavors."

I'm sure this department of ONE debated quite vigorously about my "fit" with the department (perhaps there were fisticuffs) before they "set aside" my application.

I can't wait until someone puts me on a back burner. Then, when the rapture happens, I can be left behind.

Anonymous said...

Zombie, that one is fantastic. It's almost the total opposite of one I just got (from a dept with whom I had a phone interview!) whose opening line is "The philosophy and religion department at [x school] is happy to announce that [name of person who is not you] has accepted our offer..."


Xenophon said...

Hey, I though it was OK to name schools (people are understandably off limits). Zombie and Anon 5:49, what are these places? Inquiring minds want to know.

zombie said...

Southern Oregon University.

At least they had an "amazing" pool of applicants.

Anonymous said...

Apparently zombie you missed becoming a member of "Fight Club".

wv: purse (as in kiss-off?)

Anonymous said...

I went to the SOU website and looked at the "department".

Count yourself lucky Zombie--and I'm tenured at a 4/4 that makes that department look like Romper Room.

Anonymous said...

This is 5:49--my FU Announcement came courtesy of Valdosta State University.

Also, it turned out that the person they announced was an inside hire. I'm glad at least someone is making the transition to TT.