Monday, January 10, 2011

Seen On Twitter

An anonymous reader pointed this out to me:

I didn't know Old Hoss was deep like that.

--Mr. Zero


Xenophon said...

That's funny.

Yo, search committees: start hiring people. I'd love to hear some good news, especially from schools I haven't applied to (I'd like them to wait until the last minute if they decide not to interview me, gives me hope).

Kudos to Paine College and Samford for filling positions already. Paine College, I'm afraid I've never heard of you before.

Only 3 searches canceled/suspended so far, according to Phylo. Not bad. Who wants to work at Drexel anyway?

Word verification: shalifi. Sounds like a name so I googled it. 2,300 hits. The top 5 are profiles/accounts on Facebook, MySpace, CNET, and places called LiveJournal and ModelMayhem!

zombie said...

Xeno is bored, but perky, and needs diversion. We need a new thread.

Dear Dream Job I applied for: hire me.

Anonymous said...

Be careful to use different IPs or an anonymizer when posting about your on campus interviews to the phylo wiki. Don't lose whatever whatever bargaining power the informational asymmetry provides at this stage of the game.

Anonymous said...

New thread suggestion: a hard-hitting, investigative journalism piece on who's behind the fake posts/trolling at the job wiki. I want names, damn it!

Anonymous said...

How 'bout a thread for on-campus interview questions, including questions one should ask? Or did I miss one earlier?