Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Statistics

I feel like I put up some pretty good numbers this year, even though I was ultimately unsuccessful. Here's the breakdown:

Jobs applied for: 42

First-round interviews: 4

On-campus interviews: 1

Job offers: 0

Apart from the job market, I continue to feel good about my professional development. Publishing-wise, I didn't have as good a year this year as I did last year, but I am proud of my professional accomplishments, which seem to me to be good and getting better. This was also the best year on the market I've ever had. I had more attention, and the attention I got was for more attractive jobs. So I guess I'm somewhat hopeful for the future, although this is still pretty much of a bummer.

How'd y'all do?

--Mr. Zero


Anonymous said...

Second official year on the market:
7 initial interviews (1 APA, the rest by phone/Skype)

3 flyouts (would have been 4 but I turned one down)

1 tt offer, accepted.

For statistical purposes I am a Caucasian male, on the market with Ph.D. in hand for two years. Non-Leiterific school.

Last year I had 1 flyout, was a finalist by phone for another tt position, and ended up with 0 offers.

Year before that I had less than 4 initial interviews and no flyouts, no offers.

My advice on this: practice makes perfect. Interviewing gets much easier, even on-campus, once you learn the ropes. Finally you learn what's expected and you are able to nail it.

Word verification: bilte (noun) jaded yet tough due to the abuses of the job market.

Anonymous said...

How many pubs did you get, Zero? Zero?

Anonymous said...

For the record, I don't just keep statistics on myself; I also keep them for the SC members who interview me. And let me just say I'm fucking sick of Ivy-league underachievers. Especially the pretentious ones.

zombie said...

Jobs applied for: 58

First-round interviews: 4 (3 APA, 1 phone)

On-campus interviews: 2 (turned one down)

Job offers: 1 TT, accepted

Third year on the market (2 years post-PhD).
1st year: 2 phone interviews, 1 postdoc offer.
2nd year: 1 APA interview; 1 flyout; no job offers.

Anonymous said...

Jobs applied for: 75 (in 2 disciplines, one being philosophy)

Phone interviews: 5

On campus interviews: 1 (still pending)

Offers: 0

Publications (since Zero doesn't have the guts to say, I will): 5 in refereed journals

Anonymous said...

40+ applications
3 phone/skype interviews
0 flyouts
7 publications in good journals
non-Leiteriffic PhD

Anonymous said...

Third year on market: Jobs applied for, 70-ish; 9 interviews (5 APA); 3 flyouts (one declined); 7 pubs (4 good journals, 3 invited volumes); 1 tt offer, accepted (1 non-interviewing postdoc offer, declined).

Second year on market: Jobs applied for, 50-ish; 5 interviews (1 APA, 4 flyouts to European post docs); 3~4 pubs; 1 postdoc offer (but British protectionism of new Cameron gov lead to no available visa, so forced to decline).

First year on market (2008): Jobs applied for, 40-ish; 4 interviews scheduled, but one job pulled before APA (2 APA, 1 skype); 2 pubs; 1 job offer, but overseas with no dependent insurance (declined), 1 VAP offer (accepted).

PhD from top 10 (Leiter) program.

Anonymous said...

PhD from top 20 school.

2008-09 (ABD): 40+ applications, 2 APA interviews, no flyouts. 2 pubs in top 10 journals. Adjunct work secured.

2009-10 (PhD in hand): 30+ applications, 1 APA interview, 4 phone interviews, 1 flyout, no offers. 3 pubs in top 10 journals. Adjunct work secured.

2010-11: 50+ applications, 6 APA interviews, 4 phone interviews, 3 flyouts, 1 TT offer (accepted). 5 pubs in top 10 journals (1 of which is top 5).

Anonymous said...

First sort-of market year (ABD):
8 applications
2 APA interviews
0 flyouts

Second (or first full) market year (PhD in hand)
60ish applications
8 first-round interviews (5 phone, 3 APA)
2 fly-outs
1 multi-year VAP offer, accepted

I come from a non-Leiter-ranked department.

Anonymous said...

1st year on market; top 40 program; ABD; 4 pubs.

100-ish jobs applied for; 3 interviews (1 turned down); multi-year VAP offered, accepted.

Anonymous said...

Leiter top-30 PhD

Last year (when an ABD, two publications) I applied for 50 or so jobs and got one interview at a multi-year VAP, which I was offered and accepted.

This year (four publications), I applied for 70 jobs and got four interviews and no offers.

Anonymous said...

Second year on the market, ABD at top-40: 5 phone interviews, no flyouts or offers. I now have one publication in a top-5 journal.

First year on the market: 1 APA interview, 1 flyout, no offer. No publications at the time.

Anonymous said...

What are these "top-10" and "top-5" journals that anons 7:27 and 8:11 refer to? Does Synthese count?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:27 here. By top-5 journal I meant Phil Review, Journal of Phil, PPR, Nous, and Mind. I imagine the rest of the top-10 would include Phil Studies, AJP, Phil Quarterly, Ethics, and Analysis.

Anonymous said...

My stats:

Jobs applied for: 35

Interviews: 4

Jobs: 0

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! I don't know what the deal here is--but maybe my problem is that I'm stuck adjuncting, so there ain't a lot of time to publish (not that I'm not trying).

First (post-PhD) year on the market
Applied: 80+
Interviews: 2 phone, for crappy 1-yrs
Jobs: 0 (so far)

Maybe I should start sending in money with my applications...

FemFilosofer said...

1st year on the market, ABD, non-Leiterific school, no article-length publications:

90+ applications (I have 2 popular AOSs)

3 interviews (1 TT, 1 community college, 1 VAP)

1 fly-out

2 offers (community college and VAP)

Anonymous said...

This is pretty depressing.