Friday, June 24, 2011


via Toothpaste for Dinner. Bummer, dude.

--Mr. Zero


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I feel like a bad person... like right now. My first thought when I read this comment was:
"That can be arranged."

Anonymous said...

I must be having a dark day, because my first thought was, "Yeah right, like our institutions will even replace those of us who die." I actually thought this cartoon states the case too sunnily.

WV: waryt (I lay awake nights and waryt.)

isabadperson said...

Well, gehenus, your professor surely wants you to be rational. And he or she knows that you want a job in the field sooner rather than later. So can he or she hold it against you that you will the means to your end?

Anonymous said...

Love it. Agree with 9:58-- ironically, this cartoon is overly optimistic.