Friday, January 27, 2012

Those Were the Days

I sort of miss the days when you could post little notes and messages on the jobs wiki: asking people how the search committee contacted them for an interview; saying that they contacted you, too; expressing disbelief that the search committee had really contacted the person; etc. The wiki has been a little less fun this year.

But seriously, I do kind of miss additional people being able to say that they were contacted (not for any particular rational reason I can identify). And now that I think of it, the listings used to keep track of the history of the search more clearly. It used to say when the listing was created, when it was switched to "applications acknowledged" or "first-round interviews" or whatever. Now it says when the changes were made, but not what the changes were. (Right?) I liked the old way of doing that better, too.

--Mr. Zero


Anonymous said...

Earlier this season, I sent a note to the folks at Phylo saying exactly the same thing. They (very nicely) told me that the categories that status categories they chose were meant to provide candidates with sufficient information to infer that they were no longer in consideration for a job. I don't completely agree with their choices, but it's hard to complain about an amazing service that is provided free of charge.

Mr. Zero said...

it's hard to complain about an amazing service that is provided free of charge.

Agreed. I hope my remarks above are taken constructively and in an atmosphere of utmost gratitude.

Anonymous said...

This year, I got an interview two weeks after the school's entry had been listed as "first round interviews scheduled."

The blog is great because it gives you something to look through when you're feeling anxious. But, really, nothing it says there can really be taken as the final word on a position's status.

Anonymous said...

I'm from a different field than philosophy, but I feel like our wiki is not as interesting as it was in years past. Not only less timely, but fewer meltdowns to make me feel like I am not the most insane person on the market this year.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with Anon 8:53. I just had an interview a week ago for one that had allegedly invited first interviews well before the APA. I've seen so many similar instances of false information that I don't even know why I look at the Wiki in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Commenting here because the distributive justice post above doesn't appear to have comments enabled. I read the original post. It was a damn good post. We should have that conversation. Please repost soon, Jaded!

Anonymous said...

I like the days when the wiki updates included ip addresses so I can stalk people who got the flyouts I wanted.

Anonymous said...

Dear R1 Assistant Professorship,

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