Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Views #6 and #7

With the first day of spring coming up, I thought I ought to run the last of the really wintery ones now.


This one came in from an email address with no name, so if you're the submitter and you'd like credit for it, shoot me another email.


Submitter #7 says that the windchill was in the neighborhood of -30 to -40 F for this view.

As always, the first person to guess the campus wins the right to brag about it. Signed comments are preferred, although you have the right to win without taking credit. Once somebody guesses correctly, I'll announce a winner, confirm the campus, and credit the submitter.

Update: Uh, I guess I kind of let this one get away from me. Sorry about that. #6 still goes unclaimed; #7 is from Robert Schroer's window at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. He writes:" the low cloud you see is actually mist coming off of Lake Superior. (The windchill was between -30 to -40 F!)" Ouch. Thanks for submitting!

--Mr. Zero


Anonymous said...


Alan said...

#7--UAK Anchorage?

Anonymous said...

This contest is fun, but what would make it really fantastic is if the prize was Mr. Zero leaving the outgoing message on the winner's answering machine or voicemail.

Anonymous said...

Minnesota-Morris for shot #7.

Anonymous said...

University of Alberta, Edmonton

Anonymous said...

Sorry - the U of A Edmonton guess was for shot 6