Thursday, February 21, 2013

Things to do in New Orleans?

I've only been to New Orleans once, and that was before Katrina--10 years ago or so--and I didn't get to spend much time. My impression was that while the French Quarter has its moments, it's mostly touristy and horrible, and that the surrounding areas are potentially very dangerous. But, obviously, things could be very different now.

What should people not miss in New Olreans?

--Mr. Zero


Anonymous said...

Beignets at Cafe du Monde, ideally for breakfast with cafe au lait to drink.

Mr. Zero said...

If you go to Cafe du Monde, do you have to get chicory in your coffee? I tried to like chicory, but I couldn't do it.

Anonymous said...

@ Mr. Zero,

All of Cafe du Monde's coffee has chicory in it. But if you get the cafe au lait you don't really taste the it.

Anonymous said...

To get to one of the better, less touristy parts just beyond the French Quarter: take the streetcar north along the river to the last stop; walk up along Frenchmen St. There are lots of bars, restaurants, etc., with live music. It's a popular area with the locals.

If you want a classic NOLA cocktail, prime spots within walking distance from the convention area are: 1) the Sazerac Bar in the Roosevelt Hotel (on the 100 block of Baronne St); and 2) the Carousel Bar in the Hotel Monteleone (200 block of Royal St., just passed Canal).

Also, "Domenica", the restaurant in the front of the Roosevelt, has a happy hour with half-priced drinks and pizzas, 3-6pm, 7 days a week.

Anomaly said...

The above suggestions are still pretty touristy. Cafe du Monde is not that interesting, and there is no reason to get chicory in your coffee unless you enjoy the taste of tree bark. Head uptown to the areas surrounding Tulane for a real taste of New Orleans: Oak Street, Freret, and especially upper Magazine street. Best restaurants, coffee houses, and boutiques in the city. All of this is easily accessible from the trolley that goes up and down St. Charles street.

On the other side of the Quarter, Frenchman street is great too. But uptown and the Garden District is where it's at!

Anonymous said...

Anomaly, do you mean the streetcar that goes up and down St. Charles Avenue?

Anonymous said...

One drag for me was taxi drivers. I had to taxi from the airport to my hotel and then in to the conference each day (I stayed at a cheap but nice hotel off site so I did save money overall) and almost without exception they pulled dickish shystery things I haven't encountered in other cities (e.g. "Oh, look I forgot to turn on the meter" or "I wish I could give you a quick tour of this.. I think I will (while suddenly changing lanes too quickly for me to stop them)). Seriously in the course of 6 taxi rides all but one pulled some shit to get an extra $3-$10 out of me. That's not too much and I was able to block some of it but it was a pain and left me kind of grumpy.

Anonymous said...

2:15, there is no meter on a taxi ride from the airport (or to). It's a flat $33. I split it with someone in both directions, which meant I paid just a bit more than the airport shuttle charges (because of tip).

I didn't take any other taxis. I guess the streetcars weren't convenient? I just loved the city, overall.