Thursday, April 10, 2014

Leaving Academia

(Glad to still see some people using the internet despite the Heartbleed bug!)

A few days ago, Justin at Daily Nous pointed us to this post about what departments might do to help those who are leaving academia.

He ends his post:
I think it would be helpful to hear ideas about what departments can do, or have been doing, to help current students or recent graduates find non-academic careers. Maybe some brainstorming is in order. And perhaps we can draw from other professions, such as the arts or athletics, which also are structured to leave many aspirants lacking the jobs their training seemingly best prepares them for.
I was recently told by a friend who pursued an alt-ac career that their advisor's possible reaction scared them the most (well, maybe not most, but it worried them). But, once revealed, the advisor was nothing but supportive and that made pursuing a different career easier.

Read the whole post, then comment.

-- Jaded, Ph.D.