Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Avoid these grad (and career) traps!

Justin at DailyNous (still love that pun) points our attention to a post he shared last week by Daniel Silvermint about potentially-paralyzing, self-sabotaging thoughts many students encounter in grad school. Daniel called them Grad Traps; he writes:
I’m helping out at my department’s orientation for new grads...and I wanted to distribute a list of Grad Traps, or ways in which we burden ourselves early in our careers with thoughts and habits that make work and life harder....When such traps go unacknowledged, grads have an incentive to hide and conceal their struggles, for fear of being considered not as good as others. But if these kinds of traps are both common and avoidable, then an environment that openly acknowledges them is worth having.
Starting grad school? Read them. In the middle of grad school? Read them. Early or mid-career? Read them. I did and I quickly recognized that I am still prone to fall into a few of the same traps (#s 15 and 16 especially; getting better though, getting better).

While I survived grad school without this list, the surviving might've been easier with it. If you have anything to add, you can comment over at the original post.

-- Jaded, Ph.D.