Saturday, October 17, 2015

The latest development on McGinn

I want to second this post from Feminist Philosophers on the latest news about the McGinn case, particularly this bit:
Those...on the internet know the horrific campaigns directed against women who step out of line and complain against misogynistic behaviour. This is true generally, and it is true specifically in philosophy. She has survived one horrible ordeal–harassment, made worse by being so poorly handled, and now the trolls can easily find her. And she knows all this. I am blown away by the immense bravery shown by her filing this suit [...] 
[She] is doing an immense service to academia with her towering bravery in refusing to accept the way that Miami dealt with the case. We all owe her a tremendous debt. 
I'm going to say one thing below in the comments, but then close them.

--Jaded, PhD

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Jaded, Ph.D. said...

No doubt the trolls are already rending and tearing their garments about the filed lawsuit only being one side of the story and that we should wait for all the evidence to come in, including messages not seen in the lawsuit, but previously published by McGinn.

Reactionaries gon' react, after all.

Something about this response has the feeling of a paradox of sorts. The trolls' moral imagination prevents them from putting themselves in the position of the harassed. This demonstrates a lack of imagination of some sort that is in tension with the overactive moral imagination allowing them to generate excuses for McGinn's behavior that they hope due process will later bring to light.

Due process or not, I would have thought that behind this debate is a pretty simple moral fact that most grown-ups would agree to:

Someone's granting you attention and being nice to you and not outright rejecting you does not mean it's okay to hound them repeatedly for sexual favors.