Thursday, December 11, 2008

Adventures in Ombudsing

Very late update: Bumped down and edited; see this post for the final word.

I hinted at the ways in which we'll be going about commenting here at the Smoker in the comments to this post. I'll reiterate two things you should know from the get-go:
  • Second Suitor and I will be moderating comments. We'll try to approve/reject them as often as our schedules (remember: similar to yours!) allow so that we can get some actual, lively discussion going.
  • In service of this goal, we're also asking anyone who wants to comment to register an username through OpenID and to post comments under that name. You can do so here (and you can find info on this process here). Despite such registration, picking an username to protect your precious anonymity, if you feel such a need, should be easy.
As one-half of the moderating team here, I'll tell you that the quickest way to get your comment killed is to be an asshole. Assholes come in many different varieties, but generally you're an asshole if you:
  • Use your anonymous perch to slander others under their real live names (unless, they are asking for it; asking for it doesn't include getting the interview you wanted, the fly-out you wanted, the job you wanted, et cetera).
  • Are a troll.
Your quickest way to comment approval is to not be an asshole, to say constructive things related to the post (more or less; threadjacking, though frowned upon when there's a discussion already going, will be allowed within reason), and to make me laugh.

And with such a warm welcome out of the way, let the commenting begin!


Late Update: In the sidebar, you'll find a place to email Second Suitor and I to get in touch with any concerns or questions you may have about the commenting system. You can also use (and I recommend you do) the email to send us any story tips or suggestions.

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