Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I wish I had your problems

PapaM, who "recently...was lucky enough to get some interviews at the [APA]," yet "didn't register for the conference because [they] wouldn't have gone sans interview" (brining up an interesting question for a later post) asks:
Can I register for the conference on-site on the 27th? Will I still be able to interview?
Though probably more than a few of the interviewless Smokers out here are tempted to blow him off, let's fight these temptations. My uninformed thoughts on this matter are that, despite the seeming clusterfuck that the APA is (an unconsidered impression), it just doesn't make sense that one couldn't register on-site and still attend their gaggle of interviews.

But, that's just my uninformed opinion. Anyone with APA experience know if registering on-site is going to be a problem for those lucky bastards with interviews?


Late update: Problem solved in the comments: you can register on-site, you just have to be ready to stand in line.


Anonymous said...

Yes, you can totally register at the conference. It happens all the time. No big deal. Except for the long, long line.

Anonymous said...

Nope; not a problem.

Unknown said...

Registering on site is pretty much the norm. Just look for the ridiculously long line...

Alex said...

Last year I registered to become an APA member, and for the Central APA itself, the first day of the conference.

So this is really no problem. (That is, unless you consider waiting in a line a problem: you will find that many others will have missed the early registration deadline along with you.)

I hope this helps.

Ibid said...

Yes, you can register onsite; I did so last year. There will also be about a billion hopefuls standing in line with you to register. As far as I know, you shouldn't have a problem. Good luck!

Ibid said...

On a different topic (sorry, but I tried to post earlier without having had a name), what strategies are you all using for phone interviews? Seems like an inordinate number of schools are holding phone interviews this year (or at least more than last year), and I'm wondering how you're all preparing. For example, do you write SC names out and arrange them around a table so that you can pretend like they're there and that you're talking to people and not to a phone? Has anyone tried this? (My hunch is that it might in fact be helpful.) Or any other strategies? Thanks.

Unknown said...

I believe that same-day registration now even includes a *printed* APA name tag, rather than the suckily (self-) handwritten one I was forced to sport in previous years.


The lack of visual cues makes the whole thing super difficult, in my opinion.

I tried the Round Robin strategy in a couple of phone interviews last time around. On the first, I suppose it helped to keep me from getting TOO bewildered by the SEVEN fucking people clustered around the speakerphone on the other end. And, to their credit, they actually went around the circle to give me a way to visualize the interview. And on the strength of that interview, I got an on-campus, but not a hire.

But on the second, putting the names in a circle did nothing to mitigate the questions aimed at sinking my candidacy (um, dude, you want to actually READ my fucking CV before asking "how analytic philosophy figures in my current research?") I would have bombed with or without a circle of names.

Anonymous said...

Two years ago I didn't bother to register. It wasn't hard to find out where my interview (sigh) was. So I just went. The wife was with me this time, and we spent the $50 on beer, Bertucci's and rice krispy treats from the B&N near our hotel.

willis said...

Why not just register online? That's what I did when I found out last week I'd actually have some interviews (I wasn't otherwise going either). I stood in line on site at the Eastern in Baltimore last year, and it took a million and a half years to register. Online registration wasn't available then--but it is now, on the APA website.

Will Philosophize For Food said...

"Why not just register online?"

Hmmm. I tried to do that last week, but the only option for registration was the Central, not the Eastern. But as it has been pointed out, there is ample opportunity to register at the conference, so it's not a big deal.

Anonymous said...

I think it's too late to register online for the Easterns.

John said...

So, sorry for the ignorant question - but are people saying that you have to (or should, or might want to) register for the conference if you're going for an interview? I'm not "on the market" this year, but I did apply to one job and it turns out that I'll have an interview on the 29th - will failing to register keep me from being able to ask the placement desk where their suite is? Will it keep me from getting into the smoker? (As if I want to go anyway.) Are there other reasons why failing to register will be a significant problem or hassle?

I appreciate the advice ...

Mr. Zero said...

will failing to register keep me from being able to ask the placement desk where their suite is?


Will it keep me from getting into the smoker?


(As if I want to go anyway.)

Obviously, you have no intrinsic desire to go. But probably you have an all-things-considered desire to go, since so many schools will hold it against you if you don't go. Bummer.

Are there other reasons why failing to register will be a significant problem or hassle?

I don't think so.