Thursday, December 11, 2008

Last Ombudsing Clarifications

Very late update: Bumped down so the more important stuff can float to the top.

Alright, we're nearing the end of the first weekend here and I've posted entirely too much about commenting. The posts were long(winded) and engendered some confusion/outrage elsewhere.

Here's the point about comments (being concise usually takes me three tries):

The usernames are so that we have people posting under consistent pseudonyms. This makes discussion better, easier, and more interactive. The asshole criterion was a misnomer. It's really a coward criterion. Don't exhibit cowardice in your comments and most comments will be approved. In the case some of yours aren't, you probably already have an idea of the reason for rejection. So, we aren't trying to stifle the asshole that resides inside all of us, be an asshole all you want in the comments, just do it with an OpenID.

I promise, that's it for ombudsing for a long, long while. The fun, hinted at here and here, starts anew tomorrow.


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Anonymous said...

Bad news, if these reports are true:

"With the Eastern APA just a couple of weeks away, I've been inundated with reports of DOOM from job-seekers and search committee members alike. Searches are being canceled without warning, the number of interview slots is being shrunk, people are having to suddenly rearrange their travel itinerary, and so on. A seemingly large number of new Ph.D.'s who managed to land 4 or more interviews last year (as ABD) have zero interviews this year. It's rough out there."