Saturday, December 27, 2008

Public Service Announcement, pt. 2

From a fellow (or wannabe, as it were) and seemingly exasperated Smoker comes this question:
Where and when is the smoker? Do I just go in the hotel and say "Where is the smoker?" What time does it start? Jeez.
Seeing as how I was unsuccessful in obtaining any interviews, due entirely to lack of trying, i.e., not being on the market this year (a confluence of events), I decided not to spend/waste my winter vacation in sunny Philadelphia, but instead went home, tail between the legs, to convalesce, grade papers and write a chapter. So, not only did that dash my hopes of an APA live blog (next year!), I can't answer the question. Will someone help her out in the comments, please?

In the meantime, look for a return to excitement on these pages soon and know that my thoughts are with those interviewing.



Anonymous said...

The smokers are officially called 'Receptions'. They are always on the 28th (free beer) and 29th (no free beer). They're listed in the Program, the last item of each of those days.

This year the first starts at 8, the second at 9, and they are both in the Grand Ballroom, Salons E-H, on the 5th floor.

Leenie said...

How about reading the program. I am not at the APA right now, but they are listed in the proceedings. Typically it is 7 ish to 10 ish in one of the big rooms. Just follow the people with badges around that time and you will find it if you cannot read.