Thursday, May 27, 2010

CFP - Under-Represented Groups in Philosophy

Sure, sure it's in the UK so it sure wouldn't hurt to have a research budget to get there. And, being 92% white, the UK probably faces different kinds of issues with underrepresented minorities than we do. That said, this CFP I saw over at the Brooks Blog seems right up our alley (Flyer available here):
This conference aims to focus attention on the following topics;

a)identifying the specific problems that minorities in philosophy encounter, especially those that may perpetuate or sustain that minority status;

b)articulating the philosophical concepts and frameworks that may be of use in thinking about these problems;

c)identifying strategies that might be employed in attempting address gender imbalances and the underrepresentation of disabled people and individuals of minority racial or ethnic identities

d)exploring the philosophical underpinnings of these strategies, and critically assessing them.
From the Flyer:
Papers of up to 3000 words prepared for anonymous review should be sent by August 10th 2010 to:
All this is to say, rather than just bitching about it, maybe we should try to bitch in a professional, constructive manner (?)

-- Second Suitor


zombie said...

Professional, constructive bitching is just so... much... work...

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I just wanted to report my verification word: gents

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I'm starting to get annoyed at posts that report their verification word. I don't know why.

GTChristie said...

Overdosed on irony perhaps.