Thursday, February 9, 2012

Non-Tenure Track Working Conditions

John Protevi at NewAPPS writes:

In reaction to Michael Bérubé's recent work pushing the MLA, of which he is now President, toward greater activity in support of NTT (non-tenure track) faculty, Josh Boldt has created a crowdsourced document on NTT working conditions. Please have a look at it, whether you are NTT or TT, and enter relevant data if you have it.

Please read Prof. Bérubé's post at Crooked Timber (here, again), and please do what Prof. Protevi says.

--Mr. Zero


Anonymous said...

This is fantastic, but I'm afraid to participate.

I'm the only NTT faculty in my department. If I say what school I'm at and what department I'm in, it will be very easy for any administrators to track me down. (I don't know if they would want to, but I also don't think it's a paranoid fantasy to assume schools don't want such data to be so openly available.)

Is it still valuable to participate, if one doesn't share one's location or department? If I state I teach in a humanities department, that would be vague enough to protect me... But it would also mean I would not be contributing to the data available about philosophers, specifically.

Anonymous said...

10:35: It would probably still be useful to have the information associated with the state in which you're teaching.

zombie said...

Anon 10:35 -- are you the only person who ever adjuncted there? I just completed out the database for the two schools where I used to adjunct. Presumably, others who have adjuncted in your dept could do that too.