Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The PhilPapers Off-Campus Access Proxy Widget is Awesome

Maybe this is old news. I've been using PhilPapers for a few years, but had never bothered to heed its suggestion to configure PhilPapers for off-campus browsing until recently. What in the fuck was I waiting for? It's awesome.

The old way was, look stuff up on PhilPapers (or google scholar or whatever); find the bibliographic data; go to my school's library homepage; log into JSTOR; hope the journal is available on JSTOR; if not, look up the journal in the card catalog thing; log into the journal directly; and then have all the more recent stuff walled off for some reason, even though my school's library subscribes to the journal.

With this, I can just find the paper on PhilPapers and click the link. BOOM. Got it.

(The reason why I didn't bother with this before is, I pretty much used to do all my reading, writing, and research at the office. There were occasional exceptions, but as a general rule, I did not work from home. Since Junior came to stay with us, though, things are different. I have to work around his and Mrs. Zero's schedules, which often means I'm homebound for the day and must squeeze various professional tasks in during naps and junk like that. Having a kid has meant ratcheting up my efficiency level in a way that does not come at all naturally to me.)

Thanks PhilPapers people.


zombie said...

I shoulda known that, but I didn't. Thanks Mr. Z.

(another episode in the series Unforeseen Academic Benefits of Having Children)

Anonymous said...

Okay well how does one configure Philpapers for off campus browsing???

Mr. Zero said...

If you're looking at a paper or a set of search results, there's a link in the right-hand sidebar.

Or, go here: http://philpapers.org/offcampus.html

Anonymous said...

You can do the same thing with google scholar itself. When I search for a paper, google scholar will tell me right away whether or not it's available through my university's subscriptions. If it is available, there will be an option to "Get it" to the right of the link.

Mr. Zero said...

Can you configure that for off-campus use, anon 2:20? I couldn't see how.

Anonymous said...

2:20 here. Yeah, it should work for off-campus use as well. All I did is go into google scholar settings >>> library links >>> and then added my library. They're called "library access links".

Mr. Zero said...

Thanks, 2:20. That worked.