Thursday, August 28, 2014

Gathering information about first-round interviews

DailyNous picked up Asst.Prof. at a Canadian School's argument concerning the moral impermissibility of first-round interviews* and Zombie's post about the benefits (and drawbacks) of Skype/Video-Conferencing.**

With this in mind, I'm trying to gather information about the first-round interviewing practices of search committees this year. I have set up a form where search committees and job candidates can post information about first-round interviews. I hope to keep track of search committee interview practices: Skype, Eastern-APA, choice of Skype or Eastern-APA, or no first-round interviews.

Please think about filling the form out if you have information. (Note that something similar, and more in-depth, was carried out in 2011 by "Young Philosopher." It's worth looking at the results again!)

In the next few months, I’ll also look to collect information from job candidates about their plans to attend the Eastern-APA, their reasons for attending or not attending, and, if they are attending, how much they are spending to attend (and whether or not they have departmental support).***

--Jaded, Ph.D.

*As some commenters in the threads above pointed out, Leiter inexplicably tweeted that this was "Yet more evidence for Ayer's theory of moral language." I wonder what all those times that Leiter and his guest-bloggers discussed the benefits and burdens of Skype interviews (and, if not explicitly, implicitly, the obligations of search committees to their schools and to candidates) are evidence for. (Click those links! Lotsa good, meaningful discussion at them.) Anyway. I pointed out that the main claims of the post appear truth-evaluable, including the moral principle.

**See also this 2010 (!!!!) post from Mr. Zero.

***In the meantime, check out some of the comments at DailyNous. DCH has (what seems to me) a compelling response to Dan Werner's defense of Eastern-APA interviews. And, in light of all the times job candidates are told, "You're interviewing the search committee too," Anon. 7:20, says 
I’m starting to come to the view that requiring APA interviews for the first round reflects such a profound disrespect for candidates, that I wouldn’t want to work in that kind of department anyway.


Anonymous said...

Random anecdote:

The only school I interviewed with at the last year's APA ultimately sent me a form rejection with multiple typos, including misspellings of both their department and the advertised AOS. Maybe there's a connection between the two, I don't know.

Anonymous said...

any preliminary results ready to share with us? I'd be curious to see how things are shaping up this year.