Monday, December 12, 2016

The numbers...

... are not so good this year, or so it seems.

Looking back two years, to November 2014, I counted 195 TT jobs on philjobs. This year, I count 175 TT jobs (from July - today). For the entire year, beginning 1 January, it's only 206. There seem to be a fair number of lecturer and instructor jobs listed, which is, superficially at least, evidence for the further adjunctification of philosophy (and academia more generally, I guess).

There are 270 TT appointments for 2016 (again, according to philjobs). 203 senior appointments, and 882 total appointments for the year, so one might infer that there were 409 non-TT appointments (postdocs, adjuncts, instructors, etc.) for 2016 so far. That's a little less than half of all appointments listed on philjobs, but 139 more non-TT than TT junior appointments. Which ain't good. (But, those numbers are surely not precise, since not every appointment gets listed to philjobs -- the general direction of the numbers is probably roughly right)

Some things have changed since 2014, one of which is that we now seem to be in a perpetual job market, with listings trickling in year-round, although the bulk of the TT job listings still show up in the fall. Another change is that the non-TT junior jobs are being listed earlier (they used to come in at the end of the job season), which might be evidence that there's been a permanent change from TT to non-TT for some places/positions.

The best thing I can say is that almost no-one is still dragging people to E-APA for interviews.

Good luck to everyone as the fresh hell of interview and PFO season begins!



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What's the outcome?

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Too bad, Anon from 3/31/2018.

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Just dropping this here to state that such competitions are petty and childish. Also, last.